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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are finally divorced. A year and a half relationship finally finished. A few drunken slaps to the face and a relationship ends. Two private people have their dirty laundry aired in public and the public loves nothing more than watch.

What do we know? We know a beautiful battered actress showing her scars in public. Johnny Depp the beloved drunken fool. The actress tells tales of domestic abuse, Johnny denies the allegations and the fans don?t care or blame the victim. Home wrecker, bi-sexual slut, atheist, way to pretty actress. How dare she say Johnny Depp would slap her. She might have slapped herself. People do that you know especially pretty model/actresses.

Maybe the aging formerly handsome actor couldn?t handle her mind games. Maybe his jealousy consumed him. Maybe he?s an asshole when he?s drunk and high. Would you slap your beautiful wife if you thought she was cheating on you? Is there ever an excuse to harm your wife in anyway? According to Johnny it never happened. According to his fans, he should have never left the mother of his children.

Domestic violence isn\'t cool and neither is his fans calling Amber a liar, slut or gold digger. Jealousy isn?t attractive just pathetic. Johnny Depp trying to save his once grand career by denying private actions isn?t surprising. Amber not pressing charges did a disservice to herself. I like Amber and believe her. I don\'t believe she would fabricate this story and if she did Johnny would have sued. He didn't.

Their marriage is over. I?m happy. I would be very open to meeting her for coffee. I believe the rest of us can learn from this relationship. Always stand up for yourself and never hit your wife.

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