Kineticopolis.com is a website designed for the web surfer to bridge the gap between current search engines and the ability to actually find useful data and applications on the Internet. Kineticopolis.com strives to provide surfers with the best possible data that can help all web surfers to find information that will provide a better user experience than other search engines and websites. We strive to always keep user data secure and will never sell data to third party organizations in an attempt to raise resources.

Kineticopolis.com is seperated into topics. If you choose to become a member of the Kineticopolis.com you can add a blog, articles or links to any topic. Each topic has some of the best information about each topic that can be found on the Internet, and once you are a member you can help build each topic. Members can use Kineticopolis.com applications to build a blog or an article.

Each topic has links that open in a new window. Just click on each view icon , and each website will open in a new window. All members can rate any Article, Blog, or Link. The highest rated links will always be on top.
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